Majorly Excited for 2014!

We are majorly excited for 2014. We’ve been working hard, preparing for a completely new live show, getting ready to release the album, and gearing up for lots of upcoming shows in the new year. We can’t wait to share it all with you!

Have you heard our first single yet?

Let us know your thoughts.  We’d love to hear them.  God bless.

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Help put our song on the radio!

Want to be closeFriends…We need your help!

Victory 91.5 has a contest running now until October 11th and the artist who gets the most votes will get their song on the radio PLUS they will receive some cash and other great prizes.

Here’s how you can help.
1) Go to this link and listen and vote for Derek McCloud Band’s song “Want to Be Close”.
***You can vote once a day***

2) Invite other friends to vote for us to win.

Thank you so much! We can win this contest and make our dreams come true with your help!

***You must vote on a computer…phones don’t work for some reason.***

p.s. Please like our FB page too if you haven’t already.

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Opening for Phil Keaggy!

I feel honored to think that we will be opening for Phil Keaggy in Canton, GA this Friday April 12th at 7:00p. Phil Keaggy has literally mastered the guitar and it is captivating to watch him play.  My father, Caspar McCloud, will also be playing that evening.  He is also a guitar virtuoso and was very influential on me having a passion for music and God growing up.


I hope you all can make it to this concert.  It’s going to be awesome!  Smileyface!  For more details about the event click here

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Our Brand New Video!

Life rocks!  And that can be both literal and metaphorical when you are in a band.  Winkyface.  Smileyface!

After much prayer and creative thought we are finally ready to release a video with music.  It’s here.  It’s an indiegogo. Click this link…


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This is Our Cause. What’s Yours?

1) Wake.
2) Work (or school).
3) Watch TV.
4) Bed.

Sums up most people’s lives, yeah?

I know I have been on this schedule before. So I know from experience that this kind of lifestyle lacks meaning and significance. It is an easy life of just… existing. BUT-

If we are to live out God’s best for our life we should find ourselves doing more.

Continue reading

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This Music Has Sounds! (or: Please Vote For Us!)

The public has cried out. And we have heard said public. Apparently, said public would like to hear us. 

Ok. That makes sense with us being a band that makes music and is working on an album (Our Great Lifeboat, expected release in July). So- dear, adoring, wonderful public, here’s your chance to sample what we’ve been putting on the album without having to sit in Derek’s van. You can go to Cornerstone Festival’s new band voting page to listen to a track. Of course, Derek’s van is still available.

Oh, and hey- while you’re there, do you think you might want to take a minute and vote for us to play at the festival? That’d be pretty rad of you. Thanks.

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This Music Has Moving Pictures!

Most great things that get accomplished are rarely done by just one individual.  It’s normally a group of people working together to collectively accomplish a common goal.  Last Saturday the band worked on our first music video.  Since most of the songs on the album were written while Derek was a worship leader at a house church, it was appropriate for the music video to take place where the music originated.

So much work was put into making this music video happen. Much thanks to all who helped clean & decorate the house, Jen and Melissa for cooking food to feed our guests, Daniel for running sound and filling in on the banjo,  the 40+ friends who showed up to sing with us in the video and hear our songs multiple times, IE studios for letting us borrow their fancy video cameras and lights, and anybody else who encouraged us and told us that our songs were worth listening to.  Thank you all.  Smileyface.

The music would not exist if we didn’t have overwhelming support from so many friends and family.  You are our community of passion…you help us achieve our dreams.

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Messiah Java Jam 2/17/12 @7pm

Hi friends! …Hello, enemies.

We have been busy preparing for our show this Friday at Messiah Java Jam.  From late night practices to our Band-entines day celebration, which evolved heavy amounts of cup cake mix and holding hands as we exchanged platonic admirer cards . Each day as we get closer to this event we get more and more in sync…not ‘NSYNC, the wildly famous and enormously good-looking boy band that stole many a heart in the last decade.

There are always jokes in the band about us being in love, but ew. No. Taylor is too tall.

But I digress… I would love to invite all of you to the show at Messiah Java Jam. You should know exactly how anxious I am for you to show your smiling face so much so that I made a preschool drawing of a boat and a facebook logo for you. You. Are. Welcome. Smiley face. Winky Face. Continue reading

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Opening for Will Reagan January 27th

The band has been practicing hard preparing for our concert with Will Reagan on January 27th at Dayspring Church.  Lord willing we will play 3 songs from the new album and two hymns with a unique arrangement.  We really respect what Will Reagan and United Pursuit have done for worship music.  They have great hearts and they truly bring God’s presence through their songs and hearts for Him.

Get more information at our Facebook event.


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